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Top Classical
Rowing Destination

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The "Top Classical Rowing Destination Award" is an esteemed accolade introduced to recognize and celebrate the world's most iconic rowing locations.

This award aims to highlight cities or regions that not only provide exceptional rowing facilities and conditions but also embody the rich tradition and culture of the sport. It's an opportunity to shine a spotlight on those destinations that offer rowers, from novices to elites, a memorable and holistic rowing experience, deeply ingrained in history and embraced by the local community.


The goal of the "Top Classic Rowing Destination" award is to acknowledge and celebrate destinations that have significantly contributed to the essence and spirit of rowing. We aim to highlight locations that offer not only excellent rowing conditions but also a rich history and a deep-rooted rowing culture that inspire athletes and enthusiasts alike.


By recognizing these exemplary destinations, we aspire to foster a greater appreciation for the sport's heritage and encourage the global rowing community to continue supporting and visiting these iconic venues.


Award Criteria

In selecting the recipient for the Top Classical Rowing Destination, we closely evaluate:

  • Historical Significance: The depth of rowing history and tradition in the destination.

  • Rowing Conditions: Quality of waterways, weather, and overall rowing environment.

  • Community Engagement: The local community's involvement in and support for rowing.

  • Event Hosting: The destination's experience and capacity to host rowing events.

  • Facilities and Accessibility: Availability and quality of rowing facilities and ease of access for athletes and spectators.

  • Cultural Experience: How the destination integrates rowing into its broader cultural and tourism offerings.

  • Sustainability Practices: Commitment to environmental sustainability in rowing activities and facilities.

  • Promotion of Rowing: Efforts to promote and grow the sport locally and attract rowers from around the world.


Award Eligibility

To ensure fairness and recognize truly exemplary programs, our eligibility criteria for the Top Classical Rowing Destination Award are comprehensive:

  • The destination must be recognized for its rowing history and culture.

  • Must have hosted significant rowing events, showcasing international or national acclaim.

  • Should offer accessible and high-quality facilities for both training and competition.

  • Must demonstrate a strong community connection to the sport of rowing.

  • Should provide exceptional experiences for rowers and spectators, emphasizing the destination's unique attributes.

  • Must exhibit commitment to maintaining and enhancing rowing conditions and facilities.

  • Should have a clear strategy for promoting rowing and engaging with wider rowing and sporting communities.


Evaluation Process

The evaluation process for the "Top Classical Rowing Destination" award is structured to ensure a comprehensive and fair assessment:

  • Application Review: Initial screening to verify that all submissions meet the established eligibility criteria.

  • Detailed Analysis: In-depth examination of each destination's attributes, including historical significance, rowing conditions, community engagement, and overall contribution to the sport.

  • Expert Panel Deliberation: A panel of rowing experts, historians, and sports tourism professionals will assess each candidate, considering the destination's impact on and dedication to rowing.

  • Finalist Selection: The top three destinations will be shortlisted and announced on October 1st, showcasing exemplary models of what a classical rowing destination should embody.

  • Winner Announcement: The award recipient will be unveiled at a designated ceremony in Seville on November 9th, celebrating the destination that truly stands out in fostering rowing's legacy and offering an exceptional rowing milieu.


Award Application Process

The application process for the "Top Classical Rowing Destination" award offers your city or region the chance to highlight its unique rowing heritage and environment. We encourage you to detail your destination's history, rowing culture, community involvement, and how it stands as a beacon for rowing enthusiasts. Your application should showcase the factors that make your destination exceptional, from historical significance to modern-day rowing contributions. Share your story and show why your location deserves this esteemed recognition.

Ready to put your destination on the rowing world map? Apply now to celebrate your commitment to rowing heritage and excellence.

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