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Regatta Sevilla-Betis

Regatta Sevilla Betis
Sevilla FC
Real Betis Balompie

60 Years of Tradition

The Seville-Betis Regatta, a cherished annual Rowing event in Sevilla, unfolds on the Guadalquivir River, featuring teams from local Rowing clubs representing Sevilla Fútbol Club and Real Betis Balompié. Since its inception in October 1960, the regatta has celebrated the city's Rowing culture, with crews competing in the prestigious eight with coxswain category. 

The Regatta's course is a 6,000-meter challenge on the Guadalquivir, starting from San Jerónimo to the vibrant Muelle de las Delicias. It takes rowers past significant landmarks, offering a scenic tour of Seville's historic and cultural beauty. The route, ending in the city's core, enhances spectator engagement, allowing fans to witness the thrilling competition up close from various vantage points, celebrating rowing and community in a festive, accessible setting.

58th Regatta Sevilla Betis
Sevilla, Andalucia

Immerse yourself in the thrilling Seville-Betis Regatta from the comfort of a private box at the renowned Muelle 21 and Abades Triana restaurants. Positioned at the finish line, our VIP experience offers an unrivaled view of the race, blending the excitement of competition with exquisite hospitality.

It's a perfect setting for Rowing professionals to network and for enthusiasts to absorb the vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by 30,000+ passionate fans of Sevilla and Betis FC.


Elevate your regatta experience with this unique blend of sport and luxury, and make lasting connections in the world of Rowing. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity—secure your VIP tickets today and be part of the best Rowing atmosphere!

Experience the VIP Regatta Excitement

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